31.08.2020 New pictures of the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the comet NEOWISE in the Astrogalerie.

19.08.2020 The movie “The Dark Moon” has finally been released on PANTAFLIX and can now be viewed directly from the homepage.

10.04.2020 New album “The Dark Moon” released. It is the soundtrack to Gerold Wagner’s new film of the same name. It shows the lunar eclipse of March 3, 2007 in 80 minutes, almost in real time. The soundtrack will be released in advance. The film will be available soon.

08.01. 2020 New lunar images added. The September pictures of 2019 are mosaics. The latest image from 06.01.2020 was taken with a full format sensor.

10.12. 2019 Launch of the new website of Gerold Wagner. Here you will find all important information about the work of Gerold Wagner as a musician, filmmaker and astrophotographer.

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