Lux Stellarum

This chapter is about the beauty of the universe in outer space. “Lux Stellarum” means starlight. Capturing the starlight and taking beautiful pictures of the astonishing artwork of creation has been my passion for many, many years. My interest in the stars started in my early childhood, when my fascination for space really “lifted off”.

At the age of 12 I visited an astronomical slideshow with my father produced by the famous german astrophotograhy group “Alt-Brodkorb-Rihm-Rusche”. The colours and the structures of galaxies and nebulas blew me away and the idea of becoming an astrophotographer was born. Kurt Rihm became my mentor and showed me the first steps in practical astronomy. Later on I got in contact with Jürgen Linder, the leader of the german comet group of the VDS (Vereinigung der Sternfreunde) who lived in a neighbouring village at that time. He expanded my knowledge of advanced techniques in practical astronomy.

In the middle of the 90´s I moved to the “Swabian Alps”. The dark sky and the good clear viewing conditions made the decision easier to build an observatory. A permanent observing place and changing from analog film to digital targets improved the image quality very much.

Last but not least I want to thank my parents and my mate who always supported me and I´m grateful to all the people who supported me in so many ways over the past few decades.
I hope you have the same fun viewing these pictures as I had in making them.

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